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How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy in the UK

When it comes to online pharmacy service, you need to make sure that your loved ones get the right treatment and medicine. This is why it’s important to check whether it’s saved to start getting their online services or not. There are several indicators that you’re favorite online pharmacy isn’t what it seems. Before you can check whether it’s safe to pay for their services or not, you need to learn how to differentiate an online scam form a legitimate online pharmacy website. Here are a couple of things to pay attention to when choosing your favorite online pharmacy service.

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Check for CQC Qualification

Care Quality Commission icon is all the proof that you’ll need to verify the validity of online service that a website has to offer. If you scroll down to the bottom of their home page and they don’t have a CQC icon you should exit their website immediately. The fact that they aren’t registered with CQC proves that they aren’t qualified to provide any type of pharmacy series let alone online services. This means that they either take money from their customers without sending them the medicine they asked for, or send them medicine of questionable origin.

Registration Number

All of their staff should have a registration number that verifies their education and position in that company. If you head to their employee’s section and start reading about their “excellent” and “highly skilled” staff be sure to check if they mention whether they are registered with GMC. Next, to this, they should also provide with a registration number that acts as a proof so that anyone can view full data on their education and level of expertise. Every qualified doctor on their website should be based in the UK as well. This is important as there isn’t much use of having a personal online doctor if he isn’t in the state.

Check for MHRA Accreditations


Once you select the medicine that you want to order and proceed to payment method make sure to check for MHRA accreditation. Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is the execute agency in the UK, which performs under the jurisdiction of Department of Health in the UK. So anyone who is registered at MHRA can legitimately sell pharmacy products in the UK. If your online pharmacy website had this icon, you’re safe to proceed to order the product that you need.

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