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What Is an Online Chemist and Why Should You Use One?

An online chemist is an online pharmacy. You can buy medication, toiletries, and other chemist-related items from the online chemist in the same way as you would at the highstreet pharmacy.

What Makes an Online Chemist Different?

An online chemist is different from a land-based chemist because you can do your shopping and fill your prescription without leaving your home. You can place your order and fill your prescription online and have it delivered to your door or your nearest chemist for collection. Online chemists work with the same basic rules and laws as any other chemist and they must be regulated and registered.

Can Anyone Buy From an Online Chemist?

Anyone can buy from an online chemist if they have a computer and internet access. You will have to register and create a profile on the chemist website to be able to place orders and make purchases. You will have to enter personal details and banking details or other payment methods.

How are the Prices in Comparison to Land-Based Chemists?

The prices for certain items may be cheaper and other may be more expensive. A recent comparison showed that buying bulk online is more cost-effective than doing so at a land-based chemist. However, the comparison also found that land-based items were often cheaper than single items at the online chemist.

Is It Safe Buying from an Online Chemist?

If you use a regulated and registered pharmacy that is licensed to sell medication, it is safe. You always need to look for the verification details and registration number of online pharmacies. They must also carry the Quality Control Commission logo as this indicates they may distribute certain items. Any online chemist that does not have any of these logos or that sells prescription medication without a prescription should be avoided. They could be selling you fake medicine or medicine with unknown ingredients. Read these common online pharmacy myths.

Why Should You Use an Online Chemist?

There are many different reasons why using an online chemist is great:

1. It is super convenient – You don’t have to drive anywhere, stand in queues or try to manage the kids while you go to the chemist. You can simply go online and do your shopping from the comfort of your couch in your home.

2. It offers a less embarrassing alternative – If you need to buy prescription medication for erectile dysfunction, weigh-loss, hair-loss, or contraceptives, an online purchase may be more convenient. Sometimes we just don’t want the rest of the world to know what types of medications we are taking because it may be embarrassing. With an online chemist, you are spared this embarrassment as no-one but you and the doctor know what your medications are.

3. You can get a doctor’s appointment– Most of these online chemists also offer online doctors’ services. You can make an appointment and get a consultation within minutes to get a prescription or advice. These services are legal and done by qualified and registered doctors.

An online chemist is basically just a more convenient and less public pharmacy where you can do your shopping and fill prescriptions with very little effort.

5 tasty home remedies for nasty chesty cough

Chesty cough is a nasty problem as it can be very irritating and can make you suffer a lot. You won’t feel like working as you will feel feverish and fatigue. You won’t be able to sleep at night for the constant coughing that can also be painful at times. Chesty coughs in winter are very common.

Chesty cough occurs when dust, bacteria, pollen, etc. irritate the nerve endings that lie in our airways located between our lungs and throat. Anyone can have chesty cough and it’s nothing serious; however, chronic coughs indicate that there might be a serious problem. Chesty cough can spread the germs to the other family members as well, so posing health risks for them as well. In order to get relief from this dreadful condition, you can try out these home remedies.

Honey cough syrup

Scientific research has indicated that honey is very effective for treating coughs. You can blend the honey with a bit of lemon juice and coconut oil. This grandmother’s recipe will soothe your chest pain and you will soon get relief from cough.

Thyme tea

Thyme tea is very effective in treating coughs. The leaves of thyme tea contain cough soothing compounds that make your tracheal muscles relax. It decreases inflammation as well. Just put a handful of crushed thyme leaves in boiling water and leave it there for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid and then add honey and lemon to it. It’s just perfect for curing chesty cough.

Honey tea with black pepper

A combination of honey and black pepper really works well for getting relief from cough. The honey reduces cough and the black pepper stimulates mucus flow. So, the congestion in our chest gets relieved. Mix some honey and ground black pepper in a mug and add boiling water to it. Leave it to stand for 15 minutes. Then strain it and drink it.

Chicken Soup

Hot chicken soup can increase the movement of mucus, so will make you feel better. It can also decrease the inflammation of the lungs. You must inhale the steam coming from the chicken soup while you drink the soup. It will help to loosen your chest congestion.


Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which is found in the fruit and stem of pineapples. This enzyme can loosen the mucus and give you relief from cough. You can either eat a slice of pineapple or drink some pineapple juice thrice a day.

As a general rule, you should drink lots of liquids and stay hydrated all the time. Taking a hot shower can make you feel better. You should take plenty of rest and try to get a good night’s sleep. Try out these home remedies and you will feel better soon.

4 major causes of travel sickness you should know about

You might be very familiar with the feeling of dizziness, nausea, or feeling sick to the stomach if you have ever felt the effects of travel sickness on you. It is the kind of motion sickness that affects you while you are traveling especially in plane, car, or boat. The condition is not known to cause long term problems, but when it affects, it can result in severe discomfort and make your travel miserable. The condition is not seen to affect children under the age of three and also the people who are over the age of fifty. The condition, on the other hand, is very common among children aged three to twelve.

It is also noticed that women are more affected by the condition when compared to men. Travel sickness is caused when the balance sensing system located in the sensory nerves, eyes, and ears sense a movement in the body, but realizes that the other parts do not. This can induce sweating, headache, vomiting. It is a mild condition that would go away once the person stops the journey. Travel sickness is a condition that is accompanied by various unpleasant symptoms, which makes it better to prevent them as the symptoms only stops when the person stops traveling. These are the most common causes of travel sickness.

Confusion caused by the ears and eyes

The actual reason that results in travel sickness is not known to mankind. But it is mostly attributed to the confusion that is caused by the ears and the eyes. While travelling, the eyes see something, but your inner ears sense something else. This conflict leads to the body not being able to function normally and lead to causing travel sickness. It can be explained by taking the example of travelling inside the cabin of a ship. In this case, the eyes cannot sense the movement as such happening to the body. But on the contrary, the inner ears can sense the movement of the waves. This develops a conflict between the two senses and results in causing travel sickness.

State when the eyes sense the motion but the ears don’t

Another case of travel sickness is where the eyes sense the motion, but the ears do not. Traveling in cars, planes, boats, ships, amusement park rides, and trains can result in this kind of sickness.

Virtual reality experiences

Virtual reality cases such as video games and flight simulators can also develop travel sickness in this way as the eyes sense the motion but the ears do not.

Other causes

People who are affected by migraines, children who are between the age of three and twelve, people who are prone to fall sick easily compared to the others, women who are on their period, taking any hormonal medicines, or are pregnant are likely to experience travel sickness.

Travel sickness is a condition that can affect anyone. But it is noticed that some people are more prone to the condition compared to the rest. Travel sickness is a common condition and is not a serious one. It can go once the sensory balance of the person is restored. If proper precautions are taken before traveling, the condition can be prevented up to an extent.

Pharmacy Shipping Method

How Online Pharmacy Is Changing the Industry

We’ve all heard about online pharmacy websites that offer various health programs and offer their services on online purchase of pharmacy products. They are becoming quite popular, especially in the UK. Older people, in general, are now able to order their prescribed medicine and get them delivered in a matter of days. All they need to do is fill a few forms and click few buttons. But surely this new and popular method of acquiring medicine affects the industry?

online pharmacy service

Risk of Closure

Because online pharmacy services amassed huge numbers of patients to purchase medicine using their services, thousands of clinics in the UK are at risk of closure. They have considerably fewer people entering their clinics and therefore a huge decrease in sales. The online agencies and website that acquire medicine from them are paying a hefty amount of money to keep their online services going. Nevertheless, this doesn’t provide enough income for pharmacies to keep running their clinics.

Different Healthcare System

As this online system of acquiring pharmacy products progresses, there will be more people ordering their medicine online and less visiting the actual clinics on the streets. This will have a huge impact on the health system as everyone will be able to get their hand on most of the medicine products available in the online “shops” with or without a prescription. If they continue to perform at this level of success soon there will be no clinics on the street but only vendors and online services.

Higher Demand for Shipping Method Service

Medicine online

In time as this new way of acquiring medicine online attracts more and more patients, shipping methods will have to change. Just like Amazon introduced drone technology in their shipping services, online pharmacies will have to something similar if not the same. Imagine ordering Aspirin on one of online pharmacy websites and within minutes get your delivery straight from your window. Drone technology is improving each day, and people are finding new ways to use it. If drones could be used for delivery purposes, online shipping system would be much more effective and easier to use. In time, we may see fast food vendors hovering above our windows just like in sci-fi movies. Buy Science fiction aside, having the opportunity to buy pharmacy products online is certainly shaking the industry and changing it into something new.

Safe Online Pharmacy

How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy in the UK

When it comes to online pharmacy service, you need to make sure that your loved ones get the right treatment and medicine. This is why it’s important to check whether it’s saved to start getting their online services or not. There are several indicators that you’re favorite online pharmacy isn’t what it seems. Before you can check whether it’s safe to pay for their services or not, you need to learn how to differentiate an online scam form a legitimate online pharmacy website. Here are a couple of things to pay attention to when choosing your favorite online pharmacy service.

Online pharmacy

Check for CQC Qualification

Care Quality Commission icon is all the proof that you’ll need to verify the validity of online service that a website has to offer. If you scroll down to the bottom of their home page and they don’t have a CQC icon you should exit their website immediately. The fact that they aren’t registered with CQC proves that they aren’t qualified to provide any type of pharmacy series let alone online services. This means that they either take money from their customers without sending them the medicine they asked for, or send them medicine of questionable origin.

Registration Number

All of their staff should have a registration number that verifies their education and position in that company. If you head to their employee’s section and start reading about their “excellent” and “highly skilled” staff be sure to check if they mention whether they are registered with GMC. Next, to this, they should also provide with a registration number that acts as a proof so that anyone can view full data on their education and level of expertise. Every qualified doctor on their website should be based in the UK as well. This is important as there isn’t much use of having a personal online doctor if he isn’t in the state.

Check for MHRA Accreditations


Once you select the medicine that you want to order and proceed to payment method make sure to check for MHRA accreditation. Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is the execute agency in the UK, which performs under the jurisdiction of Department of Health in the UK. So anyone who is registered at MHRA can legitimately sell pharmacy products in the UK. If your online pharmacy website had this icon, you’re safe to proceed to order the product that you need.