About us


Care That You Deserve - Reliance That You Need

We started as a group of people that wanted to make a change in Pharmacy industry and allow equal chances for treatment to every citizen. With this idea, we managed to get enough of people sharing out interests and start building this online service that will help thousands of people to get what they need. The idea was to connect with local pharmacies and clinics and get access to their patient database. This way anyone that has a prescription can get a medicine send directly to their home. This is extremely useful for people with any type of physical handicap and for people that are far away from clinics as well. All they have to do is fill a form, provide us with their prescription and the rest is up to us. From there on we contact the local clinic where they were registered so we can get their chart. Once we have their chart, we can see if the medicine they ordered matches the one from prescription and continue to shipping the item.